2013: A Year in Review

Below is a list of standout events from 2013 — one of the best years of my life.

01 – January :: Thistle Stop Cafe
Thistle Farms decided to renovate part of their warehouse into a cafe. What was once a boring open room is now a beautiful, restored coffee shop. Not only can you get a great cup of coffee or tea, they’re using the space for concerts and events. This photo is of demolition day.

02 – February :: Storyline Conference in San Diego
This was my first time running the Storyline Conference. After an amazing weekend with Donald Miller, Bob Goff, Mike Foster, Caitlin Crosby, and Tom Shadyac, my wife and I celebrated with a sunset over the Pacific.

03 – March :: Indoor Mini Golf
When I play mini golf in the house with my friends, something comes alive inside of me. It’s amazing how much fun you can have building ramps and being creative.

04 – April :: Arizona Trip
My dad has a place in Arizona we try to visit every year. My sister and her family met us there, so we were able to spend a few days with our nieces. One afternoon, my dad and brother-in-law played a round of golf and were caught in 40mph+ wind gusts. I’ve not experienced anything like that before.

05 – May :: Love Does Conference
Bob Goff hosted 1,000 people in Tacoma, Washington for the first-ever Love Does Conference. It was a blast to work with Deborah and the rest of the Love Does team behind the scenes. Before heading back home, I was able to ride in a sea plane for an up-close view of Seattle.

06 – June :: Wiffle Ball
Last summer, a group of my friends started a secret Wiffle ball league. One rule was that we wouldn’t talk about it, tweet about it or post photos. That was until someone went and sang about it on his record (which I love). I guess it’s not a secret anymore! We even made Wiffle ball cards.

07 – July :: Canada
I was fortunate to go on a trip to Canada and disconnect for a few days. Without internet or cell phone service, we were able to focus more on the people around us and the beautiful view. This is where I slept every night.

08 – August :: Golf with Scott
While on my trip to Canada, I met Scott and Tracie Hamilton who are two of the world’s kindest people. When we got home to Nashville, Scott and I played a few rounds of golf together. If you aren’t already familiar with Scott, watch this video and you’ll understand why I love spending time with him.

09 – September :: Debt Free
My wife and I made our final loan payment in September and are now debt free! With the help of Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University, our lives are forever changed. If you feel hopeless because of your debt, take this class!

10 – October :: Hometowns & Campgounds Tour
In September, Steve and Gracie Moakler left on a 40-city tour across America in their camper. With a new group of friends every night, they played music from Steve’s upcoming record (spring 2014) and introduced them to Miriam Designs. I was able to catch one of their Nashville shows and had a blast.

11 – November :: Londond/Scotland
I was able to visit London with a group of 8 friends. We spent some time with Hillsong London and then headed to Scotland for a few days. A trip I’ll always remember.

12 – December :: Ice Skating Event
Thomas Johnson is one of those secretly incredible guys. He’s never on stage or using a microphone, but chooses to love his friends behind the scenes. Thomas is who introduced me to A Million Miles, which has changed the trajectory of my life forever. When I got an invitation to Scott Hamilton and Friends on Ice in Knoxville, I asked Thomas to meet me there. It was a blast to spend the evening with one of my favorite people.

• • •


App :: 1 Second Everyday (which is how I made this video)

Book :: Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Album :: The Walking in Between by Ben Rector

Video :: I Am Second – Scott Hamilton


3 thoughts on “2013: A Year in Review

  1. Great review and fun to see highlights from your amazing year! You had several things that were life changing moments. We continue to pray that God will lead and guide you. Look forward to what your 2014 adventures will be and how you will use them to continue to make an impact on the world around you!

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