Why Companies Should Buy a Lot of Doughnuts

It’s a Friday morning and the first thing I thought about when I woke up was doughnuts. It’s become a tradition to get doughnuts for the staff on Fridays. Everyone has worked so hard and there’s nothing quite like some fried dough and icing to express our thanks.

It makes me sad to think about the millions of people in corporate America who are never acknowledged for their work. People waking up early, dreading the drive into work, punching in for a full day at a job they don’t enjoy, counting down the hours until 5pm when their “real life” can begin.

I wonder what would happen if every office had doughnuts on Friday mornings. Maybe even for one day, the unappreciated people in corporate America would drive into work with a little dose of hope and gratitude. If not for their job, at least for a doughnut.


2 thoughts on “Why Companies Should Buy a Lot of Doughnuts

  1. Love this. My Father-InLaw has had a very successful career in sales. He brings doughnuts and cookies to his clients weekly. I’ve watched office workers and factory floor workers light up when he arrives. Joy sales.

  2. We try our best reward our team members on a regular basis. One thing that we started last year was an entire week of rewards. We do it the same week as the Hallmark created Administrative Professionals week, which also just happens to be at our peak busy season.

    We treat EVERYONE on the team, not just the admins, to little surprises each day. The biggie is a 10 minutes chair massage mid-week and we end the week with FREE lunch brought in where each person gets to order off a menu – not just take what is brought in. The other little rewards are gift cards to a merchant that we know that person likes, branded items from our marketing department, team t-shirts and lots of balloons and streamers to give it a celebration feel.

    It’s such a fun week and our team is the envy of the entire facility. Our response to the other team leaders when they complain that we “make them look bad” is that we budget for this week because we feel it is important to reward them when we are at our peak season.

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