How Our Staff Turned into a Bunch of Yogis

One of our staff members, Koula, was just certified as a yoga instructor. She invested over 200 hours into her training — 25 hours each weekend for the last 8 weekends.

As soon as we learned the date she was going to be certified, we started cooking up a way to celebrate her. On her first Monday in the office as a certified instructor, we thought it’d be fun to clear out the living room and have her lead a yoga class for the staff. Everyone would show up to the office in tights and oversized sweatshirts. You know, the stuff people typically wear to yoga. And then we would have Koula kick off our week with a 30-minute, beginner yoga class.

The awesome thing is, this would all be a surprise celebration for Koula.

Knowing this day was coming, I have been asking her “random” questions like:

“If someone asked you to do a yoga class right now, could you pull it off or would you need to spend some time preparing?”

“Do you have playlists already made for yoga classes?”

I learned she has several playlists ready and could lead a class in a moment’s notice. PERFECT!

I’m happy to announce the debut staff yoga session was a hit.


We had so much fun that we’ve decided this would become a weekly tradition — Mondays at 9am to start the week off slow.

In all of this, I’ve learned how important it is to celebrate achievements in each other’s personal lives. Most companies disregard what happens outside of the 9 to 5, but I want to pay special attention to these things because it’s how we show our team how much we care about them. And besides, because of Koula’s passion for yoga, we now have an office full of yogis. How fun is that?!

Congratulations, Koula. We’re so proud of you!



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