We All Have Jobs Because Someone Is Bad at Something

When I was interviewing to work with Don, our CEO, one of the first things he had me do was complete a DISC test. Based on my strengths, he wanted to cater my job description to make sure I was set up to operate within my skill set. But he also said something interesting as he sent over my test results:

“Don’t feel insecure about your liabilities. The whole reason you are being hired is because I HAVE LIABILITIES. The more we are aware of these things, the better equipped we are to staff around them and create systems to adapt.”

Simply put: I got a job because he was bad at certain things. 

As the company has grown, this is a filter we’ve used while hiring. We’re often asking, “What are we bad at and how can we staff around our liabilities?”

What’s come of that is each person on the team is great at something no one else is great at. We need each other for the entire system to function properly.

We’re best when we come together in our weaknesses and rely on each other.

Whenever a staff member gets down on themselves about a skill they don’t have, we remind them about what they’re great at. Their strengths are their greatest asset to the team, so that’s what we like to focus on.


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